Scion: Cold War

Fourth Session

The group has just ascended past the treeline on Mount Rainier. We all trundle along towards their objective between the two peaks, stopping to take breaks and search for evidence of human presence. At first it’s a relatively easy trek across deep snow, then the party runs into a slope that has to be ascended mountaineering-style. Raahi senses something vaguely “wrong”, feeling that the mountain is too quiet, but can’t explain why. Late in the afternoon, Casey spots an unstable section of mountain ahead of the group and pokes the ground with his spear. This creates a huge sinkhole in front of us, leading into a crevice, and Dayna starts to fall into it. Casey tosses his spear – blunt end first – to Dayna and uses his spear-recall to drag her to safety, which works beautifully but costs her some bruises and dings along the way. That solves the problem of Dayna falling into a crevice, but now there’s a huge fucking crevice in front of us and the ground we’re standing on is not so stable. We concoct a plan to run a zipline across the chasm, where the path resumes, but our best mountaineer, Raahi, says that he can’t be sure of making it to the other side to anchor the line. Instead he uses the power of his axe and some serious Legend to simply create a light bridge across the crevice. We all walk across; the light bridge vanishes in our wake, leaving only an indentation in the ice to mark where it was. We set up camp for the night, setting up watches.

People start waking up before dawn, January 4, 2012. We all eat a hot, hearty breakfast with lots of carbs and lashings of coffee and embark on another day of mountaineering. Nothing of note happens for awhile as we climb laboriously up the mountain. Around 9 AM Dayna vaguely senses something “wrong”, a generalized, creepy sense of being watched, and mentions this feeling to the rest of the party. Raahi admits that he felt something similar the previous day. We get creeped out and spend about half an hour fruitlessly searching the immediate area. Raahi has a sense that there is something else alive nearby, some entity is messing with the environment, but he can’t say anything more. The group warily moves on. About 600 yards from the target, Casey spots a small house, a one-room cabin standing in a field of snow. It seems to be dark and Raahi notes that the snow around it is undisturbed.

Zhou pauses to use Smoking Mirror to examine the area but finds nothing of much interest. The party checks out the cabin, and it seems to be parked on an odd mound of dirt in the middle of the snow field. There’s a big carved padlock over the door, made of a single piece of stone, inscribed with Meso-American symbols and a sort of face. Raahi fits the key in the lock; it opens easily. Everyone except Molly steps inside. What’s inside seems to be a basic one-room cabin, like someone’s hunting lodge only in quite the wrong place. The Box is on the kitchen table, a plain wooden affair with a very heavy hinge. It’s not locked. Casey shakes the box; he senses something heavy moving around slowly inside. He opens it; inside there’s a silk cushion, and on top of that, three carved jade chain links surrounding a perfectly disc-shaped river stone. Casey photographs the artifact and closes the box.

At about this time, there’s a loud thump on the roof and two figures in super-advanced military commando gear appear. One of them basically kicks Zhou out of the doorway and across the room, but Zhou manages to land on his feet; the second enemy dives into the room. Zhou Orders one enemy to shoot the one who kicked him, and the enemy complies but misses. Dayna uses Commanding Presence on the two enemies and then casts Coordinated Assault. In the meantime, Casey vaults over his spear and stabs the man who jumped into the room, but the point of his spear gets stuck in the man’s body armor. The second enemy runs across the room and tries to grab the box, but Zhou flips the table into his face and the box goes flying. At this point the action ceases as both enemies are transfixed by Dayna’s presence. Raahi gets hold of the box. Zhou takes their weapons. The party is rather nonplussed to hear their immobilized foes say that they are trying to save the world and that they needed the box. They mention Apollo, Artemis and Poseidon as those that sent them. They say that the box contains “the Power of the Waters”, which at least jibes with what we were told. They were going to take it to… somewhere? “We hadn’t gotten that far.”

The two captives are both very handsome men, chiseled, blond movie star types. It’s difficult to tell them apart. They say their names are Homer and Virgil. “Mom liked the classics,” says Virgil. They are obviously both Scions. They God’s Honest that they absolutely really no kidding need the box to save the world. They’ve been following us for some time, since we had the key. They have a third partner, Ken, who makes us all realize that we haven’t thought about Molly in awhile, and in fact, she’s vanished, and Ken is nowhere to be seen. Casey uses his book to contact his mentor, but that guy is basically useless.

Homer, or maybe Virgil, discloses that the man who was believed to have killed the park ranger did in fact kill the park ranger, and that Ken probably killed him. They can’t reach Ken, don’t know him very well, were only working with him on this job. Dayna uses some vodoun to establish that Molly has been knocked out and is unconscious, but still alive. She decides to place Vigil brands on Zhou, Raahi and Casey. Zhou and Raahi go out to search more extensively for Molly. They find some caches of supplies, MREs and so on, to last a team of three about five or six days — probably Homer and Virgil’s — and take them all back to the cabin.

We all get 4 XP. Dayna, Casey, and Raahi get one each extra, Dayna for resolving a combat with her Grandma Powers, Raahi for the light bridge and Casey for his spearsmanship. Molly also gets an extra XP for being graceful about getting knocked the fuck out right before the action happens.



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