Scion: Cold War

Sixth Session

The door blows open and a blizzard of snow seems to firehose into the room. Everyone wakes up very abruptly. Zhou loudly suggests that everyone move back downstairs. Since most of the party (not Zhou) can see some kind of humanoid shape at the heart of the storm, walking slowly towards the cabin; Casey closes the hatch behind us. At the bottom of the stairs, there’s some speculation about whether there’s a frost giant attacking us, looking for the Box. As the hatch starts to open, Casey stabs his spear through the opening. There’s a roar from above, and then, indeed, a frost giant is standing there, naked and ten feet tall.

Casey stabs his spear into the giant’s abdoment, cracking his ice, but the cracks begin to heal almost instantly. He realizes the spear approach isn’t going to work and vaults acrobatically back down the stairs, over everyone’s heads. Zhou and Raahi open fire on the giant, but the ice pretty much resists their bullets; Virgil fires and misses. The giant emits a terrifying war cry and everyone cringes like children. Dayna manages to fix the giant with her piercing, Compelling glare, distracting and confusing it, and the party blazes away with handguns and rifles, Casey hurling his spear with a fearsome Gaelic war cry. Homer actually runs up the stairs and uppercuts the giant in the junk, in a rousing Charge of the Light Brigade maneuver; he bruises his fist. Reeling from pain and staggered by the bullets and a very nasty spear wound, the giant nevertheless breaks the hatch in half like a wafer and bashes Homer down the stairs. Casey leaps to heroically catches Homer, absorbing most of the damage. The giant backs off slightly, much of its front covered with crazed and broken ice, trying to avoid the hail of projectiles. Homer once again dashes up the stairs and tries, again ineffectively, to sock the giant in one of his wounded areas. Raahi empties his magazine into the frost giant’s reproductive apparatus while Zhou peppers the giant randomly with lead, and Virgil follows Homer upstairs, firing his rifle John Woo gangsta style. Casey follows, vaulting with his spear and bringing his whole weight down on the giant behind his spearpoint. Dayna meanwhile has run into the kitchen and run some hot water into a bowl, which she hurls into the gaping wounds on the giant’s chest. There’s a cloud of steam, but unfortunately most of the stuff freezes in his wounds. Virgil, meanwhile, drops from his John Woo pose to a reasonable infantry crouch and shoots a huge crack in the center of the giant’s chest. The rest of the party shouts many constructive suggestions that don’t involve punching a huge angry block of living ice, but Homer goes with what he knows and hurts his hand some more. Dayna gives the giant the Spooky Gaze through the sights of her pistol and shaves cocktail ice off the dome of its head. Casey jabs away with his spear; Raahi sprints up the stairs with his axe in hand and cleaves the giant mightily. The axe glows in flight and cuts through the giant’s ice as if it was water, beginning to actively shatter and melt, as does the snow on the cabin floor. In fact, the giant pretty much melts swiftly, all except for a wet blue heart that falls on the floor.

Virgil picks up the heart and squeezes, and some nasty blue crap comes out. “Do we have a vessel? This is giant’s blood.” He pours out the water from a canteen and starts trying to put the blood into the canteen. “It gives strength.” “I’ll stick with ginseng, thanks,” Zhou replies sourly. The party adds six doses of blue ichor to its inventory in bottles and ziploc bags. “Some of the titanspawn do this, they have trophies, whatever else you want to call it. For giants, it’s their blood. They really didn’t tell you anything, did they? Be careful when you use it, it’ll make you strong, but a little dumb. And you have to keep it in something airtight.” Meanwhile, the giant and its heart melt and flow all over the floor.

The party spends a few moments tidying up the cabin, and then leaves, duct taping both of the doors back together. Casey leaves an awkward note for the next visitors, and everyone tromps down the mountain. We’ve been hiking for a little while when we notice that one of the silhouettes of the peaks seems a little… wrong. There’s a dude sitting there in a full face mask and serious winter gear, silhouetted against the rocks. Dayna asks Virgil if that’s Ken, and Virgil just says, bleakly, “Yeah.”

He rises to his feet, and he’s holding Molly in his arms, wrapped in the same cold weather gear. “You have something I want. I have something you want.” “The box?” Casey asks. “Don’t play dumb.” There are six frost giants flanking him, big ones.

Zhou basically opens a negotiation. “What are you going to do with the box? Let loose a Titan on the world?" “That would be like using nuclear material as a bomb. I want to use it in a reactor.” “What do you want the power for?” “To save the world. From global warming and all kinds of other evils.” “By exterminating the disease of humanity?” “That’s a comic villain reason. That’s not my goal.” “What if you came back down to Seattle with us with the box, hypothetically?” “Then the gods would all start fighting over the box. You notice that when the gods fight, humans usually suffer.” “What if we wanted to come with you and watch how you use the box?” “I foresee logistical problems, but that seems… more doable.”

Dayna, meanwhile, has gotten incredibly angry that this guy has kidnapped her friend in order to get his hands on a fucking McGuffin, and has put on a truly vicious Game Face. Ken starts to get a little freaked the fuck out, and pretty much decides to continue this negotiation at a later date. The frost giants stay behind, stolidly watching us. Zhou suggests locking the box back in the cabin, and even Homer and Virgil are okay with this by now. So that’s what happens: the box is returned to its place on the table, and the splintered, duct-taped door is locked to protect it.

Everyone gets 4xp. Zhou gets 1 for best use of a Vietnamese Mak, and Dayna gets 1 for resolving the whole Ken problem. Casey gets a point for catching Homer, and Raahi gets a point for discovering the Power of the Axe.

(Dayna’s Compelling Presence power needs some nerfing, something about contesting when of equal legend)

Casey: “We went shopping at REI and you didn’t buy any napalm?”
Zhou: “Sorry, kid, America is a lot less free than you’d think.”



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