Scion: Cold War

Twelfth Session

February 06, 2012 19:55

Molly, Raahi, and Dayna are invited into the Indian man’s house. He immediately asks what they are there to do for his daughter Lakshmi’s education. Molly & Raahi, not adept at lying, both fumble around and eventually ask to see her in person for training. They entreat Dayna to help take care of the social aspects, and Raahi notices that there is a small shrine to Ganesha in the other room. Perhaps relevant?

Dayna attempts to wheedle her way into getting Lakshmi into revealing why she needs to be educated, assuming she already knows. After awhile of stumbling, Lakshmi’s father produced a letter, wondering if this was what they were there about. It was a rejection letter from the University of Washington, stating that their quotas for non-local students were already full.

So, not knowing how to explain why he was there, Raahi chose to reveal he was there on a divine quest. (Ah, botches.)

Dayna, scrambling to save the situation, entreated them with all her divine-powered heart that, while crazy, he was telling the truth, and they really were there on the holy entreats of Ganesha. (And fate-bound some mortals while she was at it.) The father, somewhat smug towards Lakshmi, thanked them, produced and quartered a peach, and served it in thanks.

Lighting some incense, the father asked “So, I can assume that you have heard our prayers?”
Raahi, replying, returns “No, I can only assume that Ganesha heard your prayers, then texted me.”

The trio determines that it’s computational biology that she wants to study, and had been wanting to enter at the mid-winter break. Raahi, still struggling to figure out why he was called on this mission, asks who Lakshmi’s mother is. After learning she passed away years ago, an uncomfortable ‘are you sure?’ was closely avoided.

Raahi and the father (Pradeep) exchange business cards. Pradeep, still in utter awe, invites the trio for dinner, and otherwise completely fawns over them with good food and imported sweets from India. Raahi does okay, Dayna (a Brooklyner) fakes it, and Molly…tries her best. After a large meal, they are sent off to the Mystery Machine with a lot more information on Lakshmi’s aspirations and a batch of Indian sweets.

Meanwhile, Casey and Zhou are near the UW campus themselves, running away from the frat fight and towards the plume of smoke that they just noticed. On the way there, Casey quick purchases a Husky bandanna and books towards The Ave as sirens start to sound.

A crowd (with fire trucks) surrounds a crappy old pizza joint. It’s burning down, and, while thankfully no one was trapped inside, a large man in a wife beater and jeans is ranting at the police. From his semi-coherent talk, it sounded like 2 customers got into a fight with him, his oven flamed up behind his back, and (while he was trying to prevent it from burning his place down) the perps left. The owner claims that they must have thrown a molotov in, but the police are not so sure.

Casey, concerned, calls out ‘Did anyone see where they went!?’ Casey, of course, has his spear still slung across his back. Thankfully avoiding having to explain to the police about his vigilante justice, the only information that he could get, out of some baked guys, what that they just seemed to disappear. He couldn’t find any scuff marks from running. And, from the angles he observed, they did not have a direct throwing shot into where the owner said they started the fire.

Out of ideas, Casey begins looking for other pizza places on his patrol. Unfortunately, the rest of night passes without incident.

Everyone regrouped and decided upon what to do next. Lakshmi’s problems seem to be rather administrative. Casey’s perps are still at large. The source of the blooo(?) is still unknown.

XP: 3, +1 to Raahi for making things divinely difficult (and funny)



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