Molly Tektonopoulos

Heroic shop teacher


XP = 51
Previously spent XP = 38
XP Left = 13

Plot Immunity (Gadgeteer)
Magnetism (Techies/Builders)

Str 4 * Cha 3 Per 3
Dex 2 Man 3 Int 4 **
Sta 5 ** App 1 Wit 2 *

Willpower 6
Legend 4


Academics 2 Art (Sculpture) 2 Athletics 2
Awareness 1 Control (Auto) 3 Control (Planes) 1
Craft (Auto) 5 Craft (Woodworking) 3 Craft (Electronics) 2
Fortitude 3 Integrity 2 Investigation 1
Melee 2 Science (Physics) 4 Science (Chemistry) 3

Guide 2 – Founder of Vulcan Inc, Paul Allen (No, really)
Relic 1 – Dionyssian Hip Flask (Chaos)
Relic 1 – Khalkotauroi Apron (Fire)
Relic 3 – Hephaestan Hammer (Reskinned mace; Earth, +2 Acc)


  • Fire Immunity (Fire 1)
  • Eye of the Storm (Chaos 1)
  • Hornet’s Nest (Chaos 2)
  • Superior Craft: Automotive(Arete 2)

Uplifting Might (Str)
Holy Fortitude (Sta)
Inner Furnace (Sta)
Fast Learner (Int)
Teaching Prodigy (Int)
Meditative Focus (Wit)

Expression 4
Intellect 2
Valor 1
Vengeance 1


Metal shop teacher, St. Louis public schools (high school level)
Car modder and repairs (summers, moonlighting)

Ms. T (to her students)

Biographical Background:

  • Born: St Louis, 1975 (aged 36)
  • Relationship status: single
  • Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic (somewhat lapsed)


  • Father: Seth Tektonopoulos (engineering consultant, last known)
  • Mother: Anita Gray (treasurer/clerical worker, local government)
  • Stepfather: Sam Gray (mechanic, family business owner)
  • Stepbrother: Max Gray (born 1972, mechanic)

Other Relevant Information:
Her first memories are playing with toy blocks, taking a tour at the local bottling plant with her dad & his friend, and playing in the park.

Her father, Seth, was a fairly constant presence in her life until about the age of 7, when he had to move away for a long-term work assignment. Her mother Anita stayed married to him for 3 absent years, after which they mutually decided to end the marriage. Her mother remarried to Sam Gray, Molly’s stepfather, just as Molly was entering middle school.

Moll is a gearhead with a love for corny car-focused media. She occasionally watches Top Gear and has watched her fair share of Jason Statham driving movies. She drives a Dodge Charger (same car as the Dukes of Hazzard one, no coincidence) and helped her stepbrother fix up a Pontiac Firebird (same as on Smokey and the Bandit, also no coincidence). She’s extremely interested in all related aspects of science and technology and has put in a lot of spare time learning and practicing.

Moll doesn’t go out of her way to stay in shape: it’s more of a natural consequence of the heavy lifting and hammering she often does during her hobby. She thus possesses a slow, powerful strength, paired with the capability to work for long periods of time. She’s been in a few bar fights, and so knows the basics of self defense.

Molly lives in a small single-level home in a blue-collar neighborhood in St. Louis. As most of her free spending money goes into car-related expenses, her other technology tends to be dated (though still high quality). She’s not yet switched over to a smartphone (though she’d like to try it), and her laptop is chunky and about 4 years old. She got a small LCD TV back when the broadcasts switched to digital and often watches the news on it while eating breakfast.

Molly has had hit-or-miss luck with dating. Most relationships last a few months, then end due to lack of interest from one of the parties. She means well, but she’s not especially romantic and doesn’t really see the point in letting things linger if it’s clear it’s going nowhere. In truth, she’s most comfortable hanging out in the garage or watching races at bars, so she’s had more luck finding buddies than anything else.

Molly’s years of good service, as well as involvement as a mentor to kids in several design competitions, recently earned her and her school a national accolade. She flew out to Seattle to accept her award.

Well, it turned out that she was basically the only nominee. Her sponsor needed an excuse to get a school teacher an extended, no penalty absence, and the hefty chunk of ‘prize money’ to the district certainly facilitated that.

After the AAA service at the airport, the private jet, and the specialized in flight service, it was almost reasonable to believe the “So You’re the Child of a God” Powerpoint that played on the plane monitors afterwards. Almost.

The bearded man on the monitor, Ulysses, said he had something he wanted to collaborate on once she got there. Well, nothing left to do but sit back, inspect her new gifts from him, and drink.

Molly Tektonopoulos

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