Gae Assail

A Legendary Spear

weapon (melee)

Relic – 1 Purview, 1 Power

Grants access to the Guardian Purview

May be summoned back to its owner from anywhere in line-of-sight as a 2-tick action.

Accuracy: +0
Damage +3L (Piercing)
Defense: +0
Range: 10
Speed: 5 (Melee)/6 (Thrown)


Lugh has a truly impressive arsenal of spears, collected from many battles through his life, each one with a different use. Casey has been entrusted with one of them, the Gae Assail. Supposedly, it has one incantation to allow it to never miss its mark, and another one to return it to the wielder’s hand. Casey hasn’t quite worked out how to make it quite so inerrant, but he’s mastered the returning trick well, and found some clever uses for it.

Gae Assail

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