Ground Rules

Taking a bit of inspiration from the local storygaming group, here are a few ground rules I’d like players to keep in mind. If you don’t agree with one of these, let’s discuss it, but I hope they’re somewhere between good ideas and intuitively obvious.


We’re a group of adult gamers, and I trust that there is no subject that is off-limits to our game as a whole. With that in mind, there are subjects that may make individual players or the GM uncomfortable. If something like that comes up in play, any of us can call for a Veil to be drawn over the scene. We fade to black, the scene is presumed to happen off-camera, some amount of handwaving might happen to figure out where we pick up the story next, and we go on with the game.

We do not challenge someone who is asking for a Veil. We do not argue about whether a Veil is needed. We figure out as a group where to pick up the story, and we respect that something in that scene made the player uncomfortable. If anyone is ever afraid or embarrassed to call for a Veil, then we’re doing it wrong.

Respect the Source

We are playing with religion and myth here. These tools lend themselves to powerful storytelling, but they also matter deeply to some people – and the line between what’s just something to joke around about and what’s something to take very seriously looks blurry until you cross it. We are fictionalizing the beliefs of real religions, and playing with fictional versions of real cultures. We may involve fictional versions of real people. Don’t be afraid to play with these things, but be respectful. The gods we are playing with are fictional versions of the stories of real gods. They are toys we’re moving around a playing-field for our whim; don’t confuse them for the beings we’ve named them after. We’re not here to represent real religions well or accurately; we are inspired by them in the same way that Risk is inspired by warfare.

With that in mind: just because people believe strongly in these ideas does not mean we can’t play with our fictional versions. We will play with fictional versions of cultures that our players and GM are part of, and we will play with things that we have no “right” to play with. Treat all of these with the same respect, don’t be a dick about others’ real-world beliefs, and make use of Veils where appropriate.

Ground Rules

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