Raahi's Journal

January 1, 2012

5:00 flight to Seattle with a strange artifact. The item is a large axe, obviously associated with Ganesha. I cannot place its exact origin. It is oddly durable, in quality that seems impossible based on its supposed age.

Nearly empty flight. Passengers not especially interesting:

Woman and child, speaking of “grandma”. No mystery there.

Old man. He fell asleep immediately. Hard to get a read.

Businessman. Seems typical, busy with laptop.

Loving couple. Seem eager to share their fondness for each other with rest of plane.

All Sudoku solved in 3 minutes, 46 seconds. Just below previous record.

Airport is a bit busier, nothing of much note.

My contact, Professor Rand Sato, appears to be speaking at a local event, the World Water Symposium. at the convention center. I expect I will be meeting with him before this, but I believe I will check this out as well.

Taking the train straight to the convention center. Passengers seem to fit with my impression of Seattle. Two of them out of place, likely tourists. One appears to be a student, I recognize the look.

Student apparently meeting father, a professor at the convention.

Gaelic Name, quite Gaelic. I have only a passing familiarity with the language, sadly.

Odd conference. Creepy. Particularly strange to be delivering this particularly artifact here. Wish I had time to research Sato. I cannot reach any rational explanation.

I have met with “Sato”. Things have become far more clear. I am not yet certain I believe what has been implied, but it is the only thing that seems to fit. In fact it makes several more things fit, though in turn raises numerous other questions. He said I should go watch the key note, which I certainly intend to. Apparently I have a front row seat.

They seem to be continuing with this. I hesitate to say I am a god. This is not because it seems unlikely, but it does seem perhaps imprecise. I do wish to know more about the specifics, but I have almost too many questions. My father is a god, perhaps I will just leave it at that.

It also seems that I have been brought for the purpose of saving the world from water. My current guess is cult and doomsday weapon of some sort, considering what else has been going on this day. I am quite serious, sadly.

I have listened further. Magical doomsday flood weapon.

We are meeting at a club. I have wandered the area a little, but my heart isn’t in it. I regret not having proper garb for clubbing, but I doubt we will blend in much anyway.

Unnecessary amount of difficulty getting to the point in my mind, but we seem to be getting there bit by bit. I am keeping my theory so far.

Yes, it seems I was close to correct, though some debate over the word “weapon”. I am curious what would warrant “doomsday” and “flood” but not “weapon.”

January 2, 2012

We seem to finally be getting direct information. This should be fascinating.

So, things are coming together more now. Apparently we are trying to save the world. From Ocean, a being apparently trapped atop Mt. Rainier. We are to investigate a cabin there, where there will be a box. There should be things related to the box, the details were unclear but said to be clear enough once we arrived. We are traveling via a fifth individual who I have only briefly met, and apparently ascending the mountain in the morning. I find myself still with questions, but answers are coming quickly enough that I am not too concerned.

I have met many of the gods of antiquity. Why do I not have more to say to them? It may be a bit much for even me to process.

Zhou called, apparently they hadn’t given him the information they had us. That seems odd, and suspicious on both ends, but they had said he would be our transport, so I see no reason to not keep him in the loop. I exchanged information, and we will be sharing a room.

Fortunate I get up early, Zhou seems to be an early riser too.

We are heading to REI before the mountain. I own the equipment needed, but had no reason to bring it. Ah, a rare case of not being prepared.

The others seem to have little experience with this sort of thing, aside from perhaps Zhou. I have not been in a guide position before, but see no reason it should be done.

This murder case is interesting. Normally it would not be too notable, but the timing seems unlikely. I expect it to be trouble, but I cannot decide how to best prepare for it. I have an axe at least. I regret not bringing my pistol.

Apparently the area is closed, there is a police blockade. This is inconvenient, but I am sure we can come up with something.

Zhou believes he can use his. . . divine powers to convince the troopers to let us by. I have prepared some. . . documentation. I would never believe it, but we will see what happens. We will attempt it in the morning, as it is late. We are staying at a rather colorful motel. I have been in worse, but it has that feel I am used to from rural lodging.

January 3, 2012

It is almost troubling that that worked. Expected, but it is the first true sign I have seen of one of us clearly behaving in impossible ways. I have been thinking over some things from my younger years lately. Little things now and then, like this. . .

Our journey was interesting today. We quickly ran into rather heavy snow. This was not completely unexpected and we made good time. Things were progressing well until Casey poked something with that odd spear of his. This caused an avalanche. We survived, though there was a close call.

This led to a ravine blocking our path. I did not see a safe way across, so I attempted to use the axe my father gave me. It was not subtle in its assistance. It created a bridge made of hard light, for lack of a better term. It was completely stable. And decorated with elephants. We all made it safely across, and then it collapsed, vanishing. It was much what I expected, but. . . still unexpected.

January 4, 2012

We actually had a decent breakfast, which was a nice surprise. We were still on schedule, so set out early.

We arrived at the cabin to find it undisturbed. We left Molly outside to keep watch. Inside, we found the box we were searching for, but also came under attack by two “ninjas”. Using our newfound godly powers, we subdued them. They turned out to be other god children like ourselves, sent to stop us from taking the box.

They were sent by other gods, and clearly there is something amiss here. They believed we were up to something, information from their parents. A spat between the gods? There are too many options to say for certain now, but we must look into this. Communication is impossible with off-mountain locations currently, so we will be heading down again. Our two companions have convinced us that it is important we help them return the box, so we will be doing so if possible.

On the other hand, we have lost Molly. The twins had another companion, who may have taken her. . . though none of us are able to track either of them. We know she is alive, but that is about all.

We decided to stay the night in the cabin, and in doing I discovered a trap door. It led down to several rooms, one of which had a strange, enormos geode, while the other had, we believe, the chained Titan Tahoma. Dayna was Ridden by her, but we were unable to commnicate. I believe the experience almost killed her. The architecure down there was fascinating, I’m writing up extensive notes on it on the next page. My deepest regret is that I can’t possible publish any of this in an academic journal.

January 5 and 6, 2012

Well, quite a bit has happened. We were attacked by a frost giant. Solid rifle hits did only minor damage. Dayna managed to keep him mesmerized, and I was finally able to slice him in two with my father’s axe.

I processed this with, I think admirable swiftness.

Afterwards, we were approached by Ken, the man who had led the twins here. He was flanked by another six giants and had Molly in his arms. He offered a trade for our box, but retreated strangely while we were negotiating.

We have been unable to come up with a further rescue plan, not even a way to track Ken down, let alone recover Molly. In searching for his hidden cave, I did determine that the mountain is crawling with frost giants, moving through a large cavern network.

We have finally decided to have Zhou airlifted out to go get help. We have also contacted Tom, the man who earlier broke into Casey’s room. We believe he is a Scion, and may be of help. We have had no luck contacting our parents, so it is possible that he’s the only aid we can expect.

It seems I was mistaken. Casey’s father came down from the sky as our enemies were closing in, and I am currently walking up stairs into the sky. Around me is a very Irish sort of paradise. I had assumed that various descriptions of “heavens” were various cultures takes on a single place, but it seems I was wrong. There must be a Svarga somewhere as well. I will have to ask my father to visit.

As expected, the food here is beyond excellent. I’m sure there must be a word for it. Divine, obviously, but that’s a bit on the nose. The beer was also stronger than usual. I am not sure how drunk I am, but I will say a fair bit. I had some mutton. I wonder now if adhering to the consumption of Jhatka meat has some actual, tangible effect. Do the gods follow such laws? It occurs to me that my axe would be excellent for appropriate slaughter. I asked about the method of slaughter, and this particular sheep was killed via throat slicing. Unfortunate.

We seem to have returned directly to the hotel. Everything seems to still be in existence, so I shall check my usual sources and then get some rest.

January 7, 2012

Things are fairly calm in the mythological world. We have discussed our plans, and I received an object that appears to be a small bit of tusk, a gift from Lugh I believe, but there is little else to do. I have made contact at UW and secured desk space. I am going to attempt to find work here to keep the University of Chicago appeased.

January 8-

Apparently my problem has been taken care of by my father, and I will be staying at UW for the semester. Because of this I have spent some time picking up other necessities. I’ve purchased a light kevlar vest, as well as a used Honda NX650. It runs very well after Molly gave it a tune-up.

Time has been passing. Life is oddly mundane again. The University has decent resources, but nothing I can use for learning about my new situation. I already know a good deal about Mythology, how much of it is correct? How does this “magic” function? I have done a bit of testing on my own. There is certainly some limit to my magical endurance, and it recovers at an odd rate. I have calculated my top sprinting speed at a little over forty miles per hour. I wonder what would have happened if I’d been more interested in athletics before? Thinking back, I believe I have acheived this a few times under stress, but would never have guessed it was on such an inhuman level.

I received an address from an unknown source, but clearly through what I will refer to as “divine” channels. I must come up with a name for this overall group. I investigated, but found little. I had expected that the person I was meeting would be in on all of this, but he had no reaction when I mentioned gods to him. His car had a Microsoft tag. My rodent was able to acquire some pomegranate seeds from his house, which may have been my purpose to begin with. It at least implies a connection. I will do what I can to investigate further.

February 5

(Add in events with Zhou and drugs)

I have received another message with the address from before. It’s now marked as urgent, so I am en route. This time I have assistance, perhaps I will learn more.

Things continue to be awkward. I notice now that the pomegranate seeds may be of the mundane sort. Quite a bit of time wasted if so, though that doesn’t change the need to confirm later. We are posing as officials from the University.

After a few false starts, things have cleared up. It’s quite a relief to have everything out in the open, thanks to Dayna. Unless I am greatly mistaken, I am responding to a prayer to my father, after the daughter was rejected from UW. I don’t know how these situations are usually handled, but I will treat it as important and do my best to get her admitted.

Hmm, she is interested in Molecular Biology. I should brush up on it.

I had dinner with them. It seemed prudent. There must be procedure here. Was I supposed to leave something? I’m sure there’s some way to handle yourself when representing a god. Do I need to follow father’s specific rituals or am I allowed to create my own? I will need to research this.

Raahi's Journal

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