System Tweaks and Rulings


Contrary to Scion: Hero, it costs only 2 XP to gain a new Ability that is favored by your divine parent. Non-favored Abilities still cost 3 XP.

Relic Advancement

Per Scion: Demigod, Relics can be improved when you allocate new points at the transition to Demigod.

Buff / Debuff Stacking

Bonuses and penalties applied from the same power used by different Scions stack if it makes narrative sense. This ruling may be reversed if someone finds a way to make it cheesy; I’ll let folks respec a bit if that happens.

Specific rulings:

  • Blessing of Bravery (War 1) stacks
  • Battle Cry (War 2) stacks

Using Relics

Per Scion: Hero (p. 160), a Scion must “be able to use the item” in order to access a Boon through a Relic. This interacts weirdly with certain Boons – for example, Fire Immunity or Safely Interred. These powers want to activate passively in certain circumstances; what happens when the relic item isn’t at-hand?

At the GM’s discretion, access to Boons might be based on a principle of “possession” of the relic, rather than direct use – in general, a power will still work when:

  • The character is definitively in control of the relic — if she’s holding it, she is definitely in possession; if she’s got it in her backpack, she’s almost certainly in possession. If it’s in her car or at home, it’s more tenuous. If it’s in the keeping of someone else, even a trusted ally, it’s definitely not in her possession.
  • The character didn’t forego the opportunity to have the relic more handy — if your character knows she’s going into a fight, and she chooses to leave her relic in her backpack for some reason, then she’s going to have a hard time justifying the use of its powers later in that fight.
  • Using the power is a matter of defense — if you’re activating a boon to save your life, it’s much likelier to work even under dubious circumstances.

System Tweaks and Rulings

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