Zhou's notes

The visitation: Hou Yi appeared in my car, in the form of an elderly, elite-level Chinese businessman. I asked him if he had a job that he wanted doing, and he did. He wanted some woman brought from inland China to Seattle on New Year’s Day 2012. He offered me either whatever amount of money I wanted, or two objects, to be given on her delivery. At that point I asked who he was. He said he was my father, and backed it up with some things that only he and I and my mother would know. I asked him why he left, and he said that where he had to go, I couldn’t follow. He told me I was the best at what I did, and I told him I’d been lucky. He said I’d keep being lucky. I was angry and doubtful, but I wanted to know what the two objects were, and I wanted to talk to him more. I took the job. I dropped him off and he vanished. I’m still a little angry. I’ll do what he asks, within reason, but next time I want a lot more information. I feel a fool for not grilling him further at the time.

I met the woman. She was like somebody’s grandmother, except for these really bright eyes that basically looked right into my brain. She said her name was Kua, and hinted broadly that she’d worked with my father on the creation of the world.

At the end of Lugh’s talk, everyone got sent backstage to talk to him except me; Kua pulled me aside to go meet some people at the conference. In particular, Hou Yi was waiting to settle my payment for transporting Kua. Hou Yi had a car and driver waiting, and the two of us were chaufeurred off out of the city to the mountains in the east. He told me that my next job would be to transport the party up to Mount Rainier, to ensure they made it up to Paradise; they would be climbing the mountains, and I would have to outfit the expedition and possibly go with t hem. He mentions that his involvement in all these matters must be absolutely invisible and that I won’t be hearing from him after this for some time.

We go off walking in the mountains, alone; he’s carrying a pair of bags, a small travel case and a backpack. He says that he needs me to observe and participate in what is happening, without his direct involvement. I speculate aloud that he has enemies that make it unsafe for him to involve himself here directly, and he says that this is largely true; it’s about as much as he can tell me. Near the apex of the mountain, he presents me with a case containing two small objects, and instructs me in their use - the glasses and the prism. He also gives me a sheaf of papers. He shares a meal with me and then wanders away from the mountain, vanishing. At this point I walk down the mountain again, and one of my NW coast associates is waiting with a van; Hou Yi has retained him to basically act as a driver and general roadie for the night. We drive back downtown; I exchange phone numbers with Raahi and we all fall asleep in our hotel rooms, after arranging to meet the driver tomorrow morning.

The papers:

  • Excellent maps of the area around Mt Ranier, including an unremarkable spot between the two peaks marked “Destination*”. This doesn’t look like an easy walk from the Paradise base camp, but it is doable.
  • Some general information about Rainier National Park, and notes on the destination.

The state park was cordoned off with police who should have been super paranoid, to the point of arresting anyone who looked the least bit suspicious. We were a group of people that should make an asleep cop’s antennae twitch, but we drove straight through this cordon with nothing more than a thin line of bullshit, some faked-up crap from Kinko’s, and some magic beans. If I could have done this back in the 80s with a load of VHS porn tapes, I’d be in Davos right now, buying national governments. Instead I have to climb a fucking mountain in snowshoes. At least the gear is better than the junk the PLA gave us when I did my winter survival training in the Himalayas.

Zhou's notes

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